The department has established cooperation with the Uzbek Center for Certification and Testing of Agricultural Machinery and Technology, Tashkent Agricultural Machinery Plant JSC, Uzklaasagro and Uzkeysservis joint ventures and agricultural vocational colleges. The partnership will focus on linking production, providing students with practical knowledge and skills, improving the skills of teachers and strengthening the material and technical base, as well as the organization of training and internships.

Uzbek Scientific Research Institute of Agricultural Mechanization and Electrification, UNHCR "Agromash", the Center for Certification and Testing of Agricultural Machinery and Technologies of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Hydrometeorological Research Institute under Uzhydromet has been cooperating in the field of scientific research.

Professors and teachers of the department are engaged in research, training, development of teaching materials, the organization of new courses in foreign countries. Iowa State University, Washington State University, North Dakota State University, University of Wisconsin and Georgia. The Institute of Technology is also collaborating with professors from Seoul National University in South Korea. Over the years, Washington State University has implemented a research project in Tashkent to study the amount of small volatile particles in the atmosphere. Professor of the University of North Dakota Tom Bon taught a course on the use of liquid energy in agricultural machinery and tractors. conducted training. At the University of Wisconsin and the Georgia Institute of Technology, Associate Professor Amonov M.O. has a long internship.