Department of "General Engineering Disciplines" was founded in 1934 and it was called as  "Metals Technology". The first head and founder was docent M.Lifshits.               

Before, the department was headed by  the following teachers: docent V. Avagimov (1952-71), docent A.Rahmon-zade (1971-76), professor S.Yuldashev (1976-77),  docent N.Anohin (1977-82), professor E.Haykin (1983-88), professor M.Balabekov (1988-95), docent Umurzakov (1995-96), docent H.Ibragimov (1996-99), docent H.Turkmenov (1999-2016), and docent Z.Jumaev (2016-2017).               

In 2004-2016  the department was called as "Technology of construction materials, applied mechanics and standardization" which was renamed as "Genereal Engineering Disciplines" in April 2016. Today the department has been headed by docent X.Turkmenov.