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Operation of machine-tractor park

Studies the possibilities and patterns of improving the efficiency of operation of machine-tractor units in farms engaged in the production of agricultural products, and on their basis the formation of the optimal composition of production facilities that ensure the implementation of mechanized processes with the lowest material costs.


Reliability and repair of machines

Studying the scientific basis of reliability in the discipline “Reliability and repair of machines” methods for assessing reliability, failure mode of machines and ways to eliminate them, studying ways to improve reliability of machine durability, maintainability and maintainability, studying general production and technological processes, modern methods of restoring technological processes design of repair and service offices.


Mechanization of agricultural production processes

The subject “Mechanization of technological processes of agricultural production” provides students with theoretical knowledge, practical skills, a methodological approach to mechanized technological processes in agricultural production and the formation of a scientific world view.


Agricultural Engineering Systems

“Agricultural engineering systems” are included in the curriculum. The current state and prospects for the development of technical services, corporate technical services, leasing and dealer services in the country and developed foreign countries, the structure of tractor fleets, the principles of efficient use of equipment, their use, technological processes, their methodology and scientific approach.


Improvement and production planning at technical service enterprises

"Organization and production planning at technical service enterprises" for students with theoretical knowledge, practical skills in determining the number of annual production workers and manuals on repair and maintenance of enterprises, calculating areas, finding optimal solutions and the right technological equipment, Determining the number of equipment for technical service necessary to calculate and determine the effectiveness of the proposed solutions in the project and the formation of the scientific world visions.


Transport in agriculture and water management

The concept of "agriculture and water transport" includes knowledge of demand, knowledge of young people, ways of transport, the development of scientific knowledge, transport systems, transport infrastructure and architectural foundations, the movement of laws, specialists and teachers, transport technologies, transport activities, technical inspection technical facilities and technical base; organization of transport operations; principles and principles of tolerance are the key to adopting fundamental principles.


System engineering area

Training future specialists in the field of agriculture and land reclamation, reliability indicators as well as the tasks of the technical service system, the composition of a modern machine-tactile aggregate, to the prospects for their use.


At the master's course

Name of the discipline

Brief information about the discipline


Theory of Operation and Reliability

technical systems

Training on the issue of increasing the reliability of agricultural machinery, the future specialist to give new knowledge on the productive operation of their technical maintenance, taking into account the natural and production conditions for choosing agricultural machinery and material and technical base, their highly efficient use, studying their reliability indicators, on organizing modern technical maintenance on their use in farms, to increase their resource use of modern methods of repair to improve technological processes of restoring the relations of machine parts.


Improving the efficiency of operation of the machine and tractor fleet

In the farms that produce agricultural products, he studies the possibilities and regularities of increasing operational efficiency, and on this basis the formation of the optimally targeted composition of production assets, obtaining the minimum consumption, reducing the cost of mechanized processes.