In the academic year (2018-2019), research work was carried out on the basis of research plans approved by the Institute’s Academic Council in order to improve the integration of science, education and production in the following areas:

Development of water-saving technology and technical means for high-quality pre-sowing treatment, forming of irrigated furrows between cotton row and open space;

Justification of the optimal composition of the units, depending on the shape and size of the fields as well as operational indicators for the implementation of agricultural production processes;

Creation of sprayers and work items that meet the agro technical requirements for the treatment of agricultural plants, spray quality, cost saving and improving the impact of the dissolved chemical;

Ensuring the performance of cotton-growing machine-tractor units by increasing the kinematic parameters and maneuverability.

The main scientific activity of the department is directed to the issues of determining and introducing the optimal composition of technical equipment based on indicators of efficient use and energy-saving technologies.

The department conducts research work on “Perfecting the water-saving technology and equipment for processing cotton row spacing”, “Improving sprayers used in pest and disease control in orchards and vineyards”, “Substantiation of the optimal composition of aggregates depending on the shape and size of fields as well as performance indicators for the implementation of production technological processes of agriculture "," Improving the kinematic parameters of the wheels farm tractors on the basis of cotton tractor.

In these studies, new information and materials on technical equipment produced abroad and in our country were analyzed and systematized on the effective use and increase in the efficiency of work on site.

Theme of scientific research

Brief information about the aims and objectives of the study


“The accomplishment of water-saving technology and technical means of processing

cotton row spacing ”


It consists in the development of scientific and technical solutions for the creation of an aggregate that provides resource saving based on the determination of the pattern of destruction of soil particles and the formation of irrigated furrows from the interaction of the working bodies during the pre-sowing treatment between cotton rows.