Master's Degrees

5A430101 - "Mechanization of Agriculture" (Farming)

5A430101 - "Mechanization of Agriculture" (Farming) Master's Degree Agricultural crops cultivating workpiece crops include physical-mechanical, technological properties of products, the theory of justification of machinery operation, soil processing, planting, chatting, fertilizing, combating crop pests, diseases and weeds, harvesting seeds, cleaning the seeds, drainage crops in the local conditions of the country learn theoretical basis of justification of flexible parameters, the basis of adaptation of foreign machines to the conditions of our country of dehkanization.

5A430102- Design of agricultural machinery

5A430102- Design and construction of agricultural equipment Masters of professional activity in magistracy specialties: - educational process, project search and design estimates, agricultural machinery and equipment, scientific- research and design processes

5A430101 - "Mechanization of agriculture" (use, restoration and repair of agricultural machinery)

5A430101 - "Mechanization of agriculture" (agricultural techniques, utilization, repair and maintenance): - educational and training process, project search and project agricultural engineering, agricultural machinery maintenance, reconstruction and repair, and assessment of employment, and the security of food security.