Department of Agricultural Machines of the Tashkent Institute of Agricultural Irrigation and Mechanization in the 2018-2019 academic year in order to ensure a stable connection with the industry, training students, increase the qualifications of the faculty, also organize the production practice, as well as on the occasion of a blogging aid cooperate with the Research Institute of Mechanization and Electrification of the Agriculture of Uzbekistan, the State Testing and Certification Center and agricultural machinery and technologies of Uzbekistan, Uzagromash Service Association, specialized design bureau Tractor, GSKB-Agromash, OAO AGGREGATNY ZAVOD, OJSC Intertexservis, joint venture UZCAESSSERVIS, joint venture UZCLASS-AGRO, Kibray Agricultural professional college, JSC TECHNOLOGIST-STAN and OOO Agrotech-Pakhta MTP. In addition, several projects and seminars were organized and successfully conducted in cooperation with TSAU and TIIM.

The Department together with the State Center for Testing and Certification of Agricultural Machinery and Technologies of Uzbekistan and the Scientific and Research Institute of Mechanization and Electrodynamics of Agriculture of Uzbekistan at TIIM conduct innovative cooperation on a scientific and technological problem.

The professors and teachers of the department have established close ties with professors and teachers of a number of universities of foreign countries, a number of works have been carried out to organize the exchange of professors-teachers and students.

At the department since 2010, the teacher of the University of North Dakota of the United States of America Thomas Bon conducts the course "Liquid energy in tractors and agricultural machines" for young teachers, undergraduates and erudite students of the 4th year. Professor Tomos Bon currently supports communication through videoconferences and seminars. On the topic of planning experiments in scientific research. The teachers of the department T.Tulaganov, T. Raupov, R. Khudaykulov, N. Ashurov, B. Sarimsakov took part in the seminar and upgraded their qualifications.

The associate professor of the department A.Sirozhidinov worked closely with the Chelyabinsk state academy of Russia and organized the behavior of summer practice in the educational facilities of the Chelyabinsk region. Every year students of the faculty of the Ministry of Agriculture conduct an internship in these places.

The associate professor of the department A.Rajabov within the framework of the JICA program in 2013 improved his qualification during 3 months in Japan. In the same year, representatives of higher educational institutions of Japan visited the department and got acquainted closely with educational laboratories.

Docent D.Alizhanov, with the help of sponsorship support of CLAAS in 2012, was trained in the courses of the skill development in Germany and closely acquainted with the agricultural machinery produced there.