Directions of bachelor degree

5111020 - Professional education (Mechanization of agriculture)

5111020 - Professional education (Agriculture mechanization) alumni of bachelor degree study the methods of designing and utilizing agricultural techniques, studying and application of machine work processes use of mathematical models of physical processes in tractor systems, setting, applying, designing and implementing the principles of technical operation and maintenance of agricultural machinery , can work as a teacher at vocational colleges in agriculture and water management.

5430100 - "Mechanization of agriculture"

5430100 - "Mechanization of Agriculture" - bachelors in the field of bachelor degree in the future will manage the activity of agricultural production objects and objects, small business and private entrepreneurship in the future, enterprises, joint ventures and foreign enterprises, foreign economic activity, enterprises engaged in economic activity and management. They can be managers of technical departments of agricultural systems, managements of agrotechservice systems, agricultural machinery organizations, and agricultural project organizations.

5430300 - "Maintenance of agricultural and meliorative equipment"

5430300 - "Maintenance of agricultural and meliorative equipment" graduates of bachelor degree programs in agricultural and water economy enterprises and organizations, including the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources, regional and district departments of agriculture and water management, agrotechnology can work in the MTP and Agrotechservice Management, Water Consumers Associations, Chief Engineer and Engineer Mechanic at Agricultural and Water Management Departments, as well as Research Fellowships in Research Institutions.